The Joy of Creating eBooks

Creating eBooks is considered big-business for today’s information hungry world. Almost anyone can create an eBook and sell it on the internet. Even Amazon will help you format your book, design a cover, and then sell your book for you for a small royalty fee. The sale of eBooks can also be done individually where you, the author, actively promote your eBooks to parties interested in purchasing them, or to sign on with an already established entity that specializes in churning out eBooks to others for a fee.

Either way, if you have chosen to create eBooks for the purpose of establishing a steady revenue earning stream, then you will definitely have to be serious and conscientious about its content and design. You will need to focus more on getting information that is the relevant, recent, and fact-based. You must also be sure to properly cite any sources you use in your eBook, not only quotes or paraphrases from others, but also pictures. If you don’t know how to cite your sources in-text or in a bibliography, there are several websites that can help you. I prefer Purdue’s Online Writing Lab because it gives explanations and examples that are easy to understand. You can find it here: There are also several apps available on the web.

EBooks can also be designed to create an individual’s presence within a specified subject or genre. If you are interested in writing “how-to” eBooks , then you could eventually be perceived as an authority on the subject matter being produced through the eBook, thus creating a need for your product. If you are writing fiction, then you may want to choose a special area of interest to you. Either way, if you are a good writer, people will seek you out and recommend your eBooks, thus increasing your earning potential.

Tomorrow I will talk about formatting your eBook depending on how it will be used.

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