10 Quick Tips to Market Your Blog



1. Publicize: Make sure that your blog is publicized on as many social media networks as possible. With WordPress you can set up your blog to automatically post to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Path, Twitter, and Tumblr.

2. Profile: Be sure that you have a profile, about me, Blavatar, Gravatar, section that tells about you. Think about your followers and give yourself some credibility!

3. Follow Me: Add “follow me” buttons to your blog and website.

4. Be Social: Comment on other people’s’ blogs

5. Talk It Up: Tell anyone and everyone about your blog.

6. Get Creative: Create Infographics using templates from Hubspot. They have free templates and graphics in their resource library for tons of other uses, as well.

7. Optimize: Tag and Categorize your posts. Also add metadata if possible, these are the keywords that search engines use to find you posts.

8. Image Is Everything: Pictures and graphics make you blog more interesting visually.

9. Title: Make titles compelling and catchy, but not misleading.

10. Make it Interactive: Add a survey, a test, or a link.

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