My Inner Voice


The voice in my head never stops. I don’t mean that I hear crazy voices, but that inner voice that guides and leads one through life. My inner voice is always thinking, projecting, acting, wondering. I’m not ADD or ADHD, just a Type-A personality. I always have several projects going on at once, plus a running list of ideas for future projects. I want to write a book, several books. I want to start a business. I want to improve my knowledge. I want to read this book or that book. I am always keeping busy and have a difficult time just being.

I am always doing two things at once. If I am “relaxing” in front of the television, I am also on my iPad playing a game. If I am in the car as a passenger, I am usually completing a crossword puzzle. If I am at work, I am listening to a webinar, checking email, discovering or researching genealogy, and testing out new software. If I am at the beach, I am usually reading or walking.

Luckily I am very organized and live and die by my To-Do List, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. I have always been this way; but, I feel like my life is getting away from me before I can actually get any of these larger, life-changing tasks completed.

As I look back at my life, I can’t believe that I am so old already. Where has the time gone? What have I done with my life so far? When will I ever be able to start that business that I want to start? When will I write that book that will make me the next “great american author”?

It will come. I know will all come to pass. I am just not a very patient person and want it to happen NOW.


2 thoughts on “My Inner Voice

  1. If we keep so busy the opportunities come and go and we don’t realize it. I used to do like you, many things at the same time. Now I don’t, I pay attention to the detail, simplicity of each moment. You write very nice!


    • I can focus on one thing at a time too, I just don’t want to miss an opportunity. Sometimes I start a project and become so absorbed in it that it consumes me. There seems to be a fine line that I need to maintain to keep my mind busy and that inner voice happy too.


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