How to write a Haiku Poem

Here is an excellent article for all of my writers who are poets.


There are various forms of Haiku poetry. I am only going to discuss the style I use, which is Haiku in English.

How to write a Haiku Poem

In English Form

by: Ronovan

Three things to remember:

  • You have three lines of poetry
  • 17 total syllables usually in the 5/7/5 pattern
  • You normally tell two opposite images in the poem

Notice the word normally. You can have the poem be about aspects of the same thing, but normally you look at it from to different ways.

The tree is falling, (5 syllables)

Down among the river rocks, (7 syllables)

Fish bring forth new life. (5 syllables)

This is a very quick and not great example, but it shows you what I mean.

  1. The tree is falling and dying among the rocks of the river
  2. And fish is living and bring life among the rocks of the river
  3. Two opposite things…

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