10 Answers for Ronovan

This is in response to 10 Things I Just Need to Know by my friend Ronovan.


It’s the curves, we’ve got ’em, you don’t. Sorry.


Chocolate is just dope. Dopamine makes us happy and gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling we crave during times of stress–and at other times. Besides, chocolate (and that dopamine feeling) is addictive.


It’s just a girl thing, like crossing our legs when we sit down, covering our mouth when we laugh, and sticking out our pinky when we sip champagne. We are taught from a young age how to be demure ladies.


Mick Jagger: No, not even when he was younger. Love his music, but I hate to watch him sing and dance.

David Bowie: Not him either, but I love his music.

Steven Tyler: Not him either, he is almost too feminine-looking; however, I do love his music and his sense of style. Have you ever seen him in sandals and socks? He just doesn’t care how he looks, and why should he? He has a ton of money and is still making it.

Jim Morrison: His mystery and music made women swoon. I wonder what he would be like today if he had lived?

Love children? Their musicians, what do you expect?

Bowie and Jagger sang Dancing in the Streets, silly Ronovan, and yes it was confusing, not to mention a terrible video. Dancing in the Sheets was sung by Shalimar.


Read your post Unskinny Fat-Self Image Insanity. You answer your own question.


Men don’t think with their brains, they think with their BLEEEEEEP.


Miley Cyrus is just experimenting with freedom and sexuality. We all do it in our early 20’s. Twerking, though, is just not acceptable. Ever.


High heels make us feel sexy, and pretty, and actually are not all that uncomfortable if you get the right pair. Women love shoes, but I can’t see wearing any shoe that is not comfortable, nor will I pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes, unless they are sneakers. Jimmy Choo’s? Forget it!


Hugh Jackman.


Cute and cuddly is great! It’ll happen you just have to be patient.


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