10 Twitter Things That Annoy Me

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I’ll be the first one to admit that I enjoy Twitter. There are some great things that can be done with it, including talking with Friends in a conversational style that you cannot do within a blog comment section. Sometimes you want to talk and taking up comment space is not the place to do it and emails just aren’t that fun.

Even as great as Twitter is there are the things I have to deal with that comes along.

So I give you . . .

10 Twitter Things That Annoy Me

Having to Learn What the Acronyms Mean

I don’t speak Initialese. I’m sorry, but I took a little Spanish in High School and College, but that’s it. I might even throw out some inappropriate Cajun French (What, you expect working in a warehouse in my younger days beside excons to fill me with gooder words?). I am…

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