Maybe You Will Finally Have Found Peace

I was going to write about the first day of school and all of that nonsense, but there were too many thoughts running through my head. This was before the news that Robin Williams had died at age 63, most likely from suicide. I will write that post about school another day.

Right now I am so devastated by the loss of Robin Williams that I cannot think straight. I didn’t even know the man, but I grew up with him–his humor, his quick wit–watching him on TV and in movies and comedy specials. I knew he had depression, most comedians do, but I did not know that he had relapsed.

You may not believe this, but I suffer from depression as well. It is well under control now and has been for years, but sometimes I will have a down day here and there. Those days come along without warning and are difficult to explain to other people. If you’ve never been depressed then you won’t understand. When a person is depressed they are in a dark place that no one can pull them out of, but talking to them does help. Just knowing that there is someone there for you, someone who may not completely understand what you are going through but who cares enough to just sit next to you in silence, to hold your hand, or to listen. 

People who have never suffered from depression cannot understand why you can’t just snap out of it, and it is difficult to explain to them that you are not doing this for attention, that it is a physical ailment–just like having the flu–caused by chemicals that have gone awry in your brain, chemicals or hormones or whatever that gang up on you and create this behavior and that it is beyond your control. When I am depressed I cannot remember what it is like not be depressed. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, I feel helpless, and useless, and sometimes cannot make myself move. However, when I am not depressed I almost can’t remember what it was like when I was depressed. You see? It’s difficult to explain.

I will truly miss Robin Williams. The news of his death last night struck a chord with me and I was very sad, very quiet, very solemn. I cannot say that I know what he was feeling, because everyone’s depression is different, but I can say that I can relate. He was not a coward for taking his own life, if that is in fact what happened. He was not trying to hurt those that he left behind. He was trying to find a way out of a dark depression. Maybe, just maybe, he will finally have found peace. Rest in peace, Robin Williams. I will miss you.


2 thoughts on “Maybe You Will Finally Have Found Peace

  1. Thank you for putting this in your blog. I too love Robin Williams and I too suffer from depression at times. Your comments describe depression quite well. I enjoy your blogs.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I am still not over his death. I don’t know why it has hit me so hard, I guess because he was so much a part of my life growing up and because I hate that he felt he needed to take his own life.


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