No Time to Write

Hello All!

I have been exceptionally busy this week at my real job and have not had a second to write. It’s very frustrating because I have so much to say and the urge to write is omnipresent. I’ve even started carrying a digital recorder with me so I can put some thoughts down SOMEWHERE, and hopefully get them onto my blog at some point. I’m hoping that over this holiday weekend I can get caught up and back on track.

In the meantime, I have another reblog from Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer. This one called  020: Navigating the Maze to Become a Full-Time Writer: Interview with Margaret Roach [Podcast]. Here is a quick excerpt:

“The path to becoming a full-time writer isn’t always a straight one. Sometimes your career will wind through a maze of experiences and you will be left wondering one thing: Do I have what it takes?”

To read the complete article and listen to the podcast you will need to go here. Enjoy!


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