Is There a Story Inside you?

Another reblog from Anne Peterson. Enjoy!

Anne Peterson Writes

Are you a writer with a message for the world? There are definite signs that can let you know.

I’m talking about more than the fact your fingers have to be pried off the keyboard each night. More than the fact you do very little except write, write and write.

Maybe you’re not even aware of it yet. Let me ask you this, do you see something in the world that needs to be changed? Something you feel so strongly about you can hardly talk about it without raising your blood pressure.

Is there something inside you’re dying to share, afraid you might burst?

Any of these reasons would be reason enough to pursue getting your words out there.

But you need to know whenever we feel strongly about something, there will be resistance.

As with anything we do with great value, resistance will try to stop us.

But that’s okay…

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