The Agony of Formatting

Deciding on the best possible format for your eBook is important to ensuring its effectiveness. The format is considered an essential point to consider when it comes to electronic publishing styles. The format eventually chosen will determine the nature of the digital package in which it is distributed. This may sound confusing, but what I’m really trying to say is that form follows function. You not only want your book to be read easily, but you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing to your audience. So it is very useful to commit to one style early on in the designing phase of eBook writing.

There are many formatting options that are available and each publisher has a slightly different style that they prefer. There are free programs available on the internet that will help you automatically format your eBook and your book cover. I cannot possibly list all of the resources available, but the one you may want to try first is Amazon’s CreateSpace, available here:

Amazon Createspace

Amazon is, of course, one of the best sites on which to sell your eBooks, and setting up the account is free. They guide you through each step. They have very specific formatting guidelines and they charge a small royalty fee when a book is sold, but they take care of all of the purchasing details, the shipping, and the production of the eBook. Amazon knows how to format books that sell, and they make it easy for your target audience to access and download the eBooks into a format that is the most compatible with your audiences computer, Kindle, or eReader, thus making the whole process less frustrating for the person who ultimately purchases your eBook.