Selling EBooks


spellbook_04_hd_picturesNow that you have created your eBook, you’ll need to find a way to get it into people’s hands. Marketing your eBook follows the same lines as marketing your website or blog.

Use article marketing to draw attention to your eBooks. Create an article series based on your eBook. Submit these articles to article sites and on your blog or website. Give just enough information in the articles to have the reader wanting to know more. In the resource box, mention the eBook and link to your website. Submit articles to social bookmarking sites with links to your website page showcasing the eBooks.

For customer ease, link your eBooks with your checkout process. Once the customer pays (PayPal, credit card, debit card) they will receive a link via email or automatically where they can download your product.

EBooks cost you next to nothing to produce so the money you make is all profit. Turn your writing skills and expertise in a certain area into money for your business. Get moving!


The Agony of Formatting

Deciding on the best possible format for your eBook is important to ensuring its effectiveness. The format is considered an essential point to consider when it comes to electronic publishing styles. The format eventually chosen will determine the nature of the digital package in which it is distributed. This may sound confusing, but what I’m really trying to say is that form follows function. You not only want your book to be read easily, but you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing to your audience. So it is very useful to commit to one style early on in the designing phase of eBook writing.

There are many formatting options that are available and each publisher has a slightly different style that they prefer. There are free programs available on the internet that will help you automatically format your eBook and your book cover. I cannot possibly list all of the resources available, but the one you may want to try first is Amazon’s CreateSpace, available here:

Amazon Createspace

Amazon is, of course, one of the best sites on which to sell your eBooks, and setting up the account is free. They guide you through each step. They have very specific formatting guidelines and they charge a small royalty fee when a book is sold, but they take care of all of the purchasing details, the shipping, and the production of the eBook. Amazon knows how to format books that sell, and they make it easy for your target audience to access and download the eBooks into a format that is the most compatible with your audiences computer, Kindle, or eReader, thus making the whole process less frustrating for the person who ultimately purchases your eBook.

The Joy of Creating eBooks

Creating eBooks is considered big-business for today’s information hungry world. Almost anyone can create an eBook and sell it on the internet. Even Amazon will help you format your book, design a cover, and then sell your book for you for a small royalty fee. The sale of eBooks can also be done individually where you, the author, actively promote your eBooks to parties interested in purchasing them, or to sign on with an already established entity that specializes in churning out eBooks to others for a fee.

Either way, if you have chosen to create eBooks for the purpose of establishing a steady revenue earning stream, then you will definitely have to be serious and conscientious about its content and design. You will need to focus more on getting information that is the relevant, recent, and fact-based. You must also be sure to properly cite any sources you use in your eBook, not only quotes or paraphrases from others, but also pictures. If you don’t know how to cite your sources in-text or in a bibliography, there are several websites that can help you. I prefer Purdue’s Online Writing Lab because it gives explanations and examples that are easy to understand. You can find it here: There are also several apps available on the web.

EBooks can also be designed to create an individual’s presence within a specified subject or genre. If you are interested in writing “how-to” eBooks , then you could eventually be perceived as an authority on the subject matter being produced through the eBook, thus creating a need for your product. If you are writing fiction, then you may want to choose a special area of interest to you. Either way, if you are a good writer, people will seek you out and recommend your eBooks, thus increasing your earning potential.

Tomorrow I will talk about formatting your eBook depending on how it will be used.

The Agony of Writer’s Block

Sometimes you may not feel like writing, and sometimes you might find that you have writer’s block. Here are a few websites that might help you power through:

  1. What is it?  According to their website, research shows that it’s hard to be creative in a totally quiet space; and, a very loud environment is also not beneficial. But, a background like a coffee shop where there’s an ambient mix of “calm and commotion” is the perfect environment to think clearly and get stuff done. Coffitivity is simply the background noise that you can play in your headset when the environment around you is less than ideal for working in.
  2. Unstoppable Productivity Software: What is it? Unstoppable Productivity Software works around the premise of keeping you totally focused for a set period of time. You set the amount of time that you want to write, say 45 minutes. When the time goes off, you know it’s time to get up and grab some water and check on the dogs. Sit back down and repeat the process. The software keeps you accountable to yourself to get your to do list done in a fraction of the time. Where you can find it:
  3. Fiverr: What is it? Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find people who will do just about anything for five bucks. How can it help you to be more productive? The next time you need a graphic made (and you don’t have a graphics person to work with) –  don’t try to figure it out on your own, go to Fiverr. Need a video edited or an audio transcribed, just head to Fiverr. Where you can find it:
  4. Lumosity – Brain Training: What is it?  Lumosity is a free online resource to help you to increase your memory, your brain’s speed and flexibility, and your overall problem solving capabilities. And, it’s fun. Plus, you can use their app to play the brain games on the go.  Where you can find it:

The Joy of Writing eBooks

Congratulations! Today you are embarking on your new writing career.  You have taken a huge step toward becoming a writer. You will find that some days writing is easy, and some days that writing is difficult, but the process of writing can be cathartic, it can be meaningful, it can be educational, and it can be meaningful. It is all up to you.

There are so many ways to begin your writing career. You can write a blog, an eBook, or even become a copywriter. Today we are going to talk a little about eBook publishing. An eBook is one way to get your ideas online either for free or for a reasonable price. Basically the term eBook refers to the electronic form of publication of any information. The information can be on a vast and almost infinite variety of topics and the information can also be sources from other online postings.

Most of the eBooks use the PDF format, but there are also other formats that can be used without many problems while producing the same results. You have to ensure the electronic format used is compatible otherwise the information will not be easily accessible for your readers.

The process of successfully churning out an eBook is not very difficult, and with a little bit of knowledge and research you should be able to come up with a presentable piece worth posting. For the more experienced and serious eBook authors this is a very lucrative revenue earning platform.

Tomorrow I will give you some tips on how to get started.