No Apologies


I’m sorry I haven’t written lately, sort of. Sometimes I just feel as though I don’t have anything that is important enough to write.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are finally behind me and I can get back to some sort of normalcy, if there even is such a thing as normalcy. What a funny sounding word “normalcy” is? Life is like a unicorn, you think you’ve seen one but then you turn around and realize it wasn’t what you thought it was. That is the way normalcy is. You think you have some semblance of it in your life, but when you turn around, you realize that your life is just as crazy as ever.

I have been working really hard on writing my book, getting the final press proofs of my mother’s book (Boohoo for Pluto) finalized, and getting the Spanish version of the book (Pobrecito Pluton) to press. All of that as well as Christmas shopping and wrapping, a trip to Texas to see my little sister graduate from college, and going into work every day. Oh yeah, I’ve also had the flu and a cold.

So, no more complaining or apologizing. I am starting the year fresh and will try to write at least two times a week from now on. As long as I can think of something earth-shattering to write about 🙂


Writing A Biography

I am working on writing a biography about my brother and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get my act together. Me, an English instructor and self-proclaimed writer. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone who is not used to writing. The problem is I feel overwhelmed. I am writing about a subject that is extremely important to me and I want to get it right. I don’t want to leave anything out and I don’t want to forget anything, either. I am constantly thinking of new things to add. I have created an outline, and even written my first chapter. But now, I am frozen. I have the time to write, but find myself doing everything but writing. I jot down notes and tell myself that I must get started, that once I get started I will be okay. Yet I still procrastinate. Why?

Here are some tips I have given others:

1. Make sure your subject will be interesting enough for others to want to read.

2. Decide on what order you are going to present your material: chronological, reverse chronological, spatial, sequential, topical, cause-effect, problem-solution, or compare-contrast

  • chronological–time order from beginning to end
  • reverse chronological–time order from end to beginning
  • spatial–fitting the information to fit the design of the topic (example: describing the solar system from the outer planets to the sun)
  • sequential–first, second, third, etc.
  • topical–beginning of career, middle of career, end of career
  • cause-effect–self-explanatory
  • problem-solution–self-explanatory
  • compare-contrast–self-explanatory

3. Summarize and adapt the material to fit your audience

4. Decide on a research strategy

5. Decide where to begin

6. Go for it!

For me, I have done all of these things. It’s the “Go for it!” part that I am having difficulty with. I think is it a fear of failure. But if I don’t even begin, then I am doomed to fail anyway.

So, tonight I will start writing.

I promise.


The Urge to Write

I don’t know what it is,

But when time is running short,

I seem to want to write.

The urge is so strong,

That I will even write poetry.

Is that what you call poetic justice,

Or poetic license?


Second Verse Same as the First



I hate computers. I hate moving. I hate moving computers. The irony is that I need computers to do my job, and if there weren’t any computers, I wouldn’t have a job.


The long and the short of it is that I have been moving computers and servers for the last several weeks, hence the reason for my absence.

Web icon vol (1)


I have missed writing and haven’t even had time to record my thoughts on a digital recorder. It has been insanely crazy and hectic and I just don’t like that feeling of disorientation and disorganization. I hope that I still have some readers.

No Time to Write

Hello All!

I have been exceptionally busy this week at my real job and have not had a second to write. It’s very frustrating because I have so much to say and the urge to write is omnipresent. I’ve even started carrying a digital recorder with me so I can put some thoughts down SOMEWHERE, and hopefully get them onto my blog at some point. I’m hoping that over this holiday weekend I can get caught up and back on track.

In the meantime, I have another reblog from Jeff Goins at Goins, Writer. This one called  020: Navigating the Maze to Become a Full-Time Writer: Interview with Margaret Roach [Podcast]. Here is a quick excerpt:

“The path to becoming a full-time writer isn’t always a straight one. Sometimes your career will wind through a maze of experiences and you will be left wondering one thing: Do I have what it takes?”

To read the complete article and listen to the podcast you will need to go here. Enjoy!