Freedom inspires me to write, the need to feel free, the need to express my thoughts, the need to be heard by someone, anyone. All of these things inspire me to write.

As I said last week, I know there is a novel locked up inside of me somewhere waiting for the right moment to come out. Sometimes I think that I think about it too much and that is why I can’t actually do it, it’s performance anxiety.

In the meantime, I continue to practice my skill/art and to teach others the principles that I believe make a good writer.

Why do you write?


The Long Road

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I saw this photo this morning on, the free to do whatever you want with hi-res photo website, and thought about the endless open road that is blogging. I love the endless freedom and joy that the empty page brings.

Some people are afraid of a blank page, but I look at it as an opportunity to grow. The opportunity to grow may not just be mine, it might be yours too. The advice that I give, or that you give on your blog, will help you or someone else grow as a writer and as a person.

This may read like a trite statement, or it may feel like you have infinite power to influence people. Whatever it is that you feel, remember that in one way or another you are influencing your audience, their perception of you as a person and a writer, and the way they view their own writing.